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‘Garden Jewels on I Street’ – Times

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EUREKA — The theme for the Eureka Sequoia Garden Club’s “Garden Jewels on Eye (I) Street” presented in December is that they all contain rhododendron shrubs and are best seen starting in December through early summer.

This is the fourth in the ongoing series of “Garden Jewels” monthly winners selected by the club. Members view the front yards on one selected street to look for good landscape design and then present the winners with certificates.

The public is invited to the presentations at noon on Dec. 21 at First Covenant Church located at 2526 J St. in Eureka, as part of the club’s monthly meeting.

Here are the “Jewels” on I Street:

* The gabled home of Joy Morrison located at 940 I St. is flanked by a pair of columnar junipers and a white picket fence. Clay containers of pansies are featured on the brick porch, steps and walk ways.

Tree roses, azaleas, Japanese maples and flowering cherries are in the corners with matching brick accents. Summer flowers includes oriental lilies, primroses, poppies, iris and peonies. Spring will bring a profusion of tulips, daffodils and lilacs.

* The two-story 1940s home at 1234 I St. is nestled under large tree rhododendrons and well-pruned pine trees. Larry and Sue Sherrer enjoy their display of variegated pieris, huckleberry, flowering maples and fuchsias.

The side yard is accented with day lilies, purple hebe, heathers, purple princess shrub, purple smoke tree,

pyracanthus and fragrant white mock orange. These are repeated in a high and low pattern along the sidewalk and street.

* Gerry Tollefson lives at 1314 I St. in a two-story yellow bungalow home with red trim. The two-tiered front yard with lush green lawn includes steps with wrought-iron railing accented with clay planters filled with blue hydrangeas. Mature rhododendrons, which are spectacular in the spring, tower over the agapanthus, mock orange, abelia and woodwardia fern. The yellow marguerite daisies repeat the house color.

* The corner of 14th and I streets is the location of the home of Gene and Shirley Box. The two-story red midwestern home has white wrought-iron railings to the front door. Symmetrical yews are located on the corners of the home, while red brick defines the borders containing abelia, and pieris.

The large corner raised-brick planter features heaths, geraniums, photinia and topiary junipers. California native plants and rhododendrons complete the picture.

* The First Presbyterian Church of Eureka, built in 1929, covers a full block between 14th and 15th streets and I and J streets. Professionally designed by Mary Gearhart, the flowering cherry trees, privet hedges and variegated pieris provide year-round color. The entrances are marked by stately junipers.

In the recessed garden you’ll find Japanese maples, dogwood, cypress, Australian tree fern and sword fern. The south garden is colorful with camellia, heather, abelia and native plants. Azaleas, New Zealand flax, heavenly bamboo, camellia and agapanthus complete the block.

* Soil Seekers of Arcata designed and installed the gardens for Jonell and Orville Roady to accent their 1950s home at 1515 I St. The colorful front yard repeats the pink color of the home with heathers and succulents.

Miniature mugo pine, ornamental grasses and wood ferns are nestled among the fuchsia plants. The curving walkway is next to the lush grass. Other featured plants include purple hebe, hydrangeas and heuchera.

* Jeff Hutchens owns the gray, early Eureka settler’s home with the salmon door at 2114 I St. Succulents (hen and chickens) invite the visitor to the front porch with the white railing. Flowering cherry and liquid amber trees provide seasonal color.

They are backed by azalea, pieris, photinia and mock orange. The curving cement walkway with exposed river rock provides more design details. Speckled aralia sparkles in the sun all year and is a great accent plant.

* The shingled, ranch-style home behind a 10-foot privet hedge at 2315 I St. reveals a lush green lawn for children to play on as they enjoy the playground equipment. Robin Newby has created a landscape with many California native plants including a coastal redwood tree, rhododendron, ferns and species geraniums.

The vegetable garden includes Asian pear, apple, lemon and lime trees. The accent area shows a rock garden with heathers and lavender, while the arbor is covered with vine lilac.

* The shingled gabled home and patio located at 2507 I St. are secluded behind an 8-foot hedge of privet, escallonia and ivy. Paul and Pam Gossard enjoy their two-story home with fall color provided by red-leafed Virginia creeper, which covers the arbor across the front of the home.

Seafoam roses are along the brick walkway and tree roses provide accents. Additional plantings include polyanthus roses, azaleas and ground covers.

* A cotoneaster street tree with gaillardia daisies brings you to the two-story, yellow-and-white Colonial Revival home located at 2509 I St. William Troiano and William Fust enjoy the white-picket fence near the yellow marguerite daisies.

The brick driveway, walkway and front porch feature variegated hebe and extend from the rose-covered arbor to the front porch and to the side yard with another rose-covered arbor. Priacanthus topiary trees flank the front door. Additional plants include rhododendrons, camellias and hydrangeas.

* Peter and Pam Kaufhold live at 3544 I St. in the modern white house with blue shutters. Pavers form a walkway through the front-yard landscape ending at the lattice arbor covered by wisteria.

Roses, rosemary and hebe cover the split rail fence near the street, while an assortment of gerbera daisies, lilies, New Zealand flax, gaillardia daisies, geranium and succulents cover the garden in raised beds. Pam’s collection of container-growing plants changes with the seasons. This is a good example of a lawn-free front yard.

* Larry Albin has designed and installed the landscaping at his residence at 3529 I St. The sage green, one-and-a-half-story bungalow home with white accents and a red front door features evergreen shrubs which look good all year round.

The mature trees in the front yard form a frame for the picturesque collection. Outdoor lighting shines on the New Zealand flax, heaths, heathers and trimmed junipers. Red rock ground cover completes the picture.

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